Magnetic Mesh Screen Door

Magnetic Mesh Screen Door

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"Absolutely love this product. Auto straps back in place when open and blocks all the bugs out of my house while the door is open. Material is good and holding strong. My dog is enjoying it since now I can leave the door open."
– Max C. - Magnetic Mesh Screen Door Customer

Would you like your home to always fell fresh without having to deal with all those annoying insects? Or maybe you just want your pets or kids to roam in and out of the house freely?

The Magnetic Mesh Screen Door is the ultimate hands-free mesh door to keep all bugs outside. The strategically placed magnets allow anyone to pass through, and they automatically snap close behind. With easy, tool-free installation, the door will be up and running in seconds.

Key Benefits

  • Prevent bugs and insects from coming into your house.
  • Built-in magnets easily allow people and pets to walk in and out.
  • Push pins for easy installation and removal. No tools required.
  • Lightweight and washable.

Our Customers ❤️ The Magnetic Mesh Screen Door

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
So worth the money!!

Works PERFECTLY! We purchased this item so that our dogs would be able to go in and out freely without there just being a wide opening into our house for bugs to just fly in, must say it was well worth the money!

Simply Perfect

This hanging screen door is amazing. We wanted to keep flies out, but allow the dog to go in and out so we don't have to get up and open the door for him each time. So it functions as screen and doggie door. Plus it is easy to go through if you are carrying a tray in your hands. It just gently sweeps aside and clicks back into place because of the magnets.


So simple to install and exactly what I needed! Dogs and cat go in and out easily, keeps bugs out, allows breeze in, and looks great. I've had a few friends come over and ask me where I got this because they wanted one.

Great screen, makes life easier!

I discovered this product at a friends house who has been using this screen for years. My dogs always walk through my screen door and continuously put holes in it, which results in unwanted bugs and birds finding their way in. I bought this as a solution.
This was easy to install, it took me less than five minutes. Its only been a few weeks but I have been very pleased with this product. When my dogs go into my screened in porch, the screen immediately closes after them. My porch will be a more enjoyable place this summer with this screen.

Works great and keeps the bugs out!

I bought this screen door in hopes to keep bugs, flying and non-flying from entering my apartment. I enjoy having my patio door open when the weather is nice, but I don't enjoy the bugs.