Over-the-Sink Collapsible Strainer Cutting Board

Over-the-Sink Collapsible Strainer Cutting Board

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"I love this cutting board. I eat lots of salads and vegetables. This makes prep and cleaning super easy." - Lily A. - Over-the-Sink Collapsible Strainer Cutting Board

Would you like to save space in your kitchen? Or maybe you just want to prep and clean faster?

The space-saving Over-the-Sink Collapsible Strainer Cutting Board is just what you need for rinsing and chopping fruits and veggies, all in one convenient surface. Designed to rest securely over your kitchen sink, the sturdy board is fitted with a collapsible silicone strainer, which can also be removed and used on its own.

Key Benefits

  • Rinse fruits, veggies and more in the removable silicone strainer on one end and then chop them on the other end.
  • Removable and collapsible colander collapses for easy storage.
  • Space-saving
  • Fits neatly over your sink.

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Customer Reviews

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I LOVE this!

I LOVE this! I don't know why I waited so long to get it. It's so nice to cut up your things and immediately rinse them off without losing any down the sink!

I love this thing!!!!

Easily cleans up. I can quickly dump all of my cuttings into the strainer for rinsing or tossing into the garbage.

High Quality Product

This cutting board is fabulous! I have a small kitchen, and space is an issue. I bought this because I am a salad freak & I loved the built in strainer idea.

Great space saver!

This is one of my favorite things I have purchased for our tiny apartment! It's a pretty good size cutting board and I can see it fitting over most sinks. I LOVE the bowl inside that can let wet ingredients drain liquid directly into the sink. It's seriously SO nice to have this when you're limited on counter space!

Amazing product!

One of the best kitchen products I have. This is only my first time actually using it, and I would honestly recommend it to anyone regardless if they need the extra space or not. I was easily able to drain a pan of noodles and used a bowl in the sink to catch the liquid to use later. It holds very well across the sink so all I had to do was tip the pan over the strainer part of it. Ive only had it for a few months, but I hope it will last four years.