Stretch & Fit - Reusable Food and Container Lids (6-pack)
Stretch & Fit - Reusable Food and Container Lids (6-pack)

Stretch & Fit - Reusable Food and Container Lids (6-pack)

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"My husband only carries reheatable items in glass containers to work. We have bought numerous sets due to the lids degrading after years of dishwashing. These lids have been the answer to being able to use many of our non-usable glass dishes." - Maria C. -Stretch & Fit - Reusable Food and Container Lids (6-pack)

Would you like to store your food without any hassles? Or maybe you just want to help the environment by using less plastic?

These silicone Stretch & Fit - Reusable Food and Container Lids (6-pack) cover any bowl, pot, container, mug, cup, can, jar, or half-cut fruit. These practical lids will not only keep your food fresh for longer, but they will help you eliminate the use of plastic. With these lids, forget about searching for a container top that fits, these stretch and easily fit your container.

Key Benefits

  • The bundle contains 6 different sizes to cover most containers in your home.
  • Keep your food fresh much longer, using an unbreakable airtight seal.
  • Microwave and dishwasher friendly.
  • Alternative Use: the airtight grip helps with tough to open cans.

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Customer Reviews

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Sturdy, flexible, useful.

These are great!! They allow you to seal things without using plastic wrap. Since these are washable and reusable, you don't need to use plastic wrap. This is a great way to seal things but not have to worry about wasting and throwing away plastic all the time. They come in a variety of sizes so they work for most bowls.

Great Alternative to Plastic Wrap

I wanted to try something that was more environmentally friendly than plastic wrap and decided to give these a try. I'm very pleased with my purchase.

Great covers

I bought these for the purpose of using one to cover a large flour container (the glass lid broke). It works great for that, but I also find myself using the other sizes for all sorts of bowls that never had covers like ceramic pottery bowls, small bowls for leftovers, etc. I bake a lot of bread and I use them to cover the dough bowl while it rises.

Excellent product

Covers any open dish so that it can be placed in the refrigerator - stretches to cover any oddly shaped dishes. Easy to put on - take off - and rinse when it has been used.

I've cut down my plastic wrap use so much! Love these!

These work great! I tested it with a bowl of soup and shook it around, the silicone lid didn't budge one bit, no leaks.