Play & Store - Toy Storage Mat
Play & Store - Toy Storage Mat
Play & Store - Toy Storage Mat
Play & Store - Toy Storage Mat
Play & Store - Toy Storage Mat
Play & Store - Toy Storage Mat

Play & Store - Toy Storage Mat

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“If any parent has issues with lego cleanup at the late night hour then this is completely for you! No more fights about scooping up handfuls or trying to put pieces away. It is awesome.”
– Beth A. - Play & Store - Toy Storage Mat Customer

Would you like your kids to help out with cleaning? Or maybe you just want your home to feel organized and not have to pick up pieces everywhere?

The Play & Store Toy Storage Mats are a parents dream come true! When opened wide, they create a comfortable area for kids to play in, and when the drawstring is pulled, they create an extremely easy solution to clean up. It's as simple as pulling the strings to close, and then storing the play mats away. You can comfortably carry the mats with you so your kids always have toys and an area to play in!

Key Benefits

  • Toys cleaned up in less than thirty seconds! With the simple pull of the drawstring, all toys will be conveniently stored away.
  • It allows you to take toys anywhere you want.
  • Always provides an area for kids to play in.
  • Easily teach your kids the responsibility of cleaning up.

Our Customers ❤️ The Play & Store - Toy Storage Mat

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great for legos!!!

Problem solved! My son has a billion legos and likes to play with them in every room of the house as well as garage and outside. Prior to this he had a tub he lugged around but it was a pain. This thing is great - I went with the biggest size and it fits his collection. He can move it around pretty easily and clean-up is much easier than putting each piece back in the box. Him and his buddy will sit on the edge of the bag and work on the surface of it.
Good bag for legos, am sure any other toy would also work.

Just stop looking and buy this bag

This is really a great bag. It's good quality, cinches up so that the opening is completely closed, holds an insane amount of lego and the lay flat business is fantastic. Would totally buy again (and plan to for my nephews birthday).

Worth the money in Lego Mini-figures

This is absolutely worth every penny. I know my boys love legos, but I would dread the pick-up time and sometimes even not allow them to play legos if we only had a short time until dinner. This has changed it all. I can set the timer for 15 mins to play, 2 mins to pick-up the favorite builds, and then tighten the string until its closed.
Even my almost 4 year old likes to play on the green "carpet" and will keep the legos on it. Enough space for a 4 and 6.5 year old to play together and not fight. What more can you want?

Amazingly Useful and not just for 'legos'

This product is amazing! I purchased it for my kids room because he's a mess monster and this is a unique find.

Minutes to clean up legos now

For several years, I've struggled with various ideas for managing legos. This is by far the best method I've come across so far and literally now takes minutes to clean up. Plus, I now give my kids full access to all their legos since they can easily work with them on this horizontal surface without creating a bigger mess. Well worth it!